The End

Jul. 1st, 2005 10:55 pm
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The giant bat fell from the sky, returning to its original shape of a giant man. Fury and stupefaction fought for dominance on his features.

"No! This cannot be!" he cried, shaking with the effort of clinging to life- or the pale imitation he held, "I lost to a mere human?!"

The young woman held her whip at the ready in case the demon had some new shape in store. She wasn't sure she had the vigor for another bout with the monster- two had already nearly drained her- but she sure wasn't backing down now.

She risked a step closer, and a grim smile tugged at her lips. Yes, the prince of darkness was truly fading.

"Poor man," she said, "Gotta be hard for you, with your eternal life, t' get that you're about to die." Again, she added to herself with a dry chuckle. "We humans get so little life compared to you, but at least we use what we got to love and live for someone else."

The memory of another struggle that night wrapped itself around her: The sight of the demon's son- the man she loved- falling beneath her blows. His proud and sad face. His farewell. He'd passed his quest to destroy his father on to her at that moment.

His father.

She turned her gaze back to the demon, a slight softness to the gaze. He'd been a human, once... And, if Alucard was any proof, he'd kept some of that.

"There must've been a time when you loved, too. But then you threw all that away fer power, like the fool you are," she added, remembering who it was she'd faced. "Ain't no place in this world for the likes of you. You lost the day you turned to darkness- just took me to knock you down."

The demon bowed his head, quiet sounds issuing from his throat. She leaned close- sobs?

Suddenly, he threw his head back in peals of horrible laughter. The girl sprang backwards.

"Don't let it go to your head, girl," he sneered, "Do you really think that the likes of you can destroy me? You're a fool, just as Alucard was." He pulled himself up, standing at his full height, his regal bearing betraying nary a tremor, despite his battered form.

"Listen to me," he continued, "Darkness will never die out as long as there is light in the world. I am the Prince of Darkness, and I will rise again and again, as long as people like you are alive. Again and again, I tell you." And again, the mocking laughter echoed through the night.

The vampire hunter gritted her teeth and took a breath.

"And when you do, someone'll be here to knock you down! If it's me, you can be damn sure I'll be waitin' for you. I'll be glad to use what God gave me against your kind, 'til your soul is saved and all the bad feelings in the world are gone."

His cackling took on a ragged edge. She could see he wasn't long for this world.

"Good bye, Dracula, ruler of evil," she said, turning. The room began to shake, mortar and stones rumbling and loosening. She dashed to one of the massive windows, springing through with an acrobatic leap. She took off running as soon as she'd landed, masonry and timbers pelting the ground around her.

From a safer distance, she turned and watched the demon's massive castle crumble. Dust you are, she thought, and to dust you'll return.

"Good bye, o woeful Prince of Darkness."

With a sigh as heavy as the stones of Dracula's castle, she turned away. She had a long walk back to the village.
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