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Soft warmth against her cheek.

A sweet, fleshy smell.

Sonia opens her eyes.

Fuzzy shapes gradually form into a room. Fuzzy memories gradually line up. The forest... the empty town of Yomi... the convent...

Movement at her chest. Small, soft, warm. She freezes, looking down. Something else had happened, not long after her arrival at the convent.

It's a boy.

oh, God... oh, God... I don't even know where to start...

Hands shaking, she nudges the infant's face up. How long was I out? It's a wonder I ain't smooshed him yet.

Hinges creak. "Awake, then." Sister Magdalena- one of the women who'd found her. "No surprise, for someone who could beat the-" her voice catches, and she quickly crosses herself, "the demon lord." She adjusts her spectacles, a nervous gesture belying her dry exterior. Seating herself beside the bed, she pulls thee cover down to check on the baby.

"Quite healthy," she announces with a satisfied nod, "Despite his mother's inability to take care of herself." The glare she receives in reply is halfhearted, there out of habit more than anything else. "Your first, I gather." A nod. "...and... the father?"

Sonia just looks down, unconsciously holding the infant closer. He stirs, opening puzzled blue eyes. Her breath catches. "...oh, God..." The nun tilts her head in silent inquiry. "...he's really mine?!"

A snort, and a dry smile. "I can assure you, that sort of this is difficult to mistake."

Awed at the small blob of flesh and bone in her arms, Sonia smiles, tired but satisfied, and presses her lips to his head.
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