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2008-02-08 11:12 am

[Power info]

Sonia has several special powers, stemming from the strength of her soul.
-She can sense the supernatural, and see invisible creatures.
-"Burning Mode" For a short period of time (around a minute or so), she can render herself immune to damage, but only once per day.
-"Wind Soul" She can stop the passage of time for a few moments and move around. (Creatures of equal or greater power than herself will be unaffected.)
-"Ice Soul" She can fully heal herself.
-"Flame Soul" She can cause a flashfire of holy flame that encompasses an entire room, harming any enemies within.
-"Saint Soul" She can cause a wave of air pressure in one direction, causing an impact like a really hard kick.
-"Magic Soul" She can cause an enemy in close proximity to explode. (This will only work on relatively weak things.)

Her sight is always in effect. The "Soul" powers require a cost of energy- Ice Soul burns about half Sonia's maximum energy; Wind, Flame, and Magic about a quarter each; Saint only takes about a tenth.
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2008-02-08 10:23 am


[No need to read anything below here]
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2006-03-19 02:34 pm

(no subject)

Soft warmth against her cheek.

A sweet, fleshy smell.

Sonia opens her eyes.

Fuzzy shapes gradually form into a room. Fuzzy memories gradually line up. The forest... the empty town of Yomi... the convent...

Movement at her chest. Small, soft, warm. She freezes, looking down. Something else had happened, not long after her arrival at the convent.

It's a boy.

oh, God... oh, God... I don't even know where to start...

Hands shaking, she nudges the infant's face up. How long was I out? It's a wonder I ain't smooshed him yet.

Hinges creak. "Awake, then." Sister Magdalena- one of the women who'd found her. "No surprise, for someone who could beat the-" her voice catches, and she quickly crosses herself, "the demon lord." She adjusts her spectacles, a nervous gesture belying her dry exterior. Seating herself beside the bed, she pulls thee cover down to check on the baby.

"Quite healthy," she announces with a satisfied nod, "Despite his mother's inability to take care of herself." The glare she receives in reply is halfhearted, there out of habit more than anything else. "Your first, I gather." A nod. "...and... the father?"

Sonia just looks down, unconsciously holding the infant closer. He stirs, opening puzzled blue eyes. Her breath catches. "...oh, God..." The nun tilts her head in silent inquiry. "...he's really mine?!"

A snort, and a dry smile. "I can assure you, that sort of this is difficult to mistake."

Awed at the small blob of flesh and bone in her arms, Sonia smiles, tired but satisfied, and presses her lips to his head.
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2006-03-15 11:35 pm

Back in Transylvania...

The door had opened on an entirely different place this time- the woods were completely unfamiliar to her. All she could think to do, though, was keep walking...

until )
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2005-11-15 02:54 am

Room 1998

Sonia has no idea what half- more than half- of the stuff in her room is. But there is a bed, and a much nicer one than any she's seen back home. (Except for the ones in Dracula's castle, but those were evil.)

Upon dumping her pile of firewood in a corner, she collapses onto the bed, then tunnels into the covers.



There isn't even a fire, but she's not shivering of cold. Her belly's shaking, but that's nothing new; apparently the child inside is itching for activity.

She starts to worry about Mina, but her mind quickly lets go of the world. She's been awake for too long, doing too much. It's time for some serious rest.
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2005-11-12 05:37 pm
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2005-11-10 06:47 pm
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2005-11-09 07:35 pm

(no subject)

The firelight casts coppery flickers and deep blue shadows across Sonia's face. She shrugs the blanket closer around her and burrows deeper into the mattress. It's warm and comfortable, but... Mina's bed keeps hovering in her memory. Warmer, softer, and someone to share with. Granted, that someone was cold and slept like the dead, but still.

She buries her face in the pillow.

Stop thinking about that. It's gone now.

just like Alucard... Daddy... Mama...

She quickly scrubs her eyes at the soft knock.

"Sonia?" Father Martin leans in, candle in one hand. With difficulty, she pushes herself up. "Are you awake?"

"yeah. dunno if I c'n sleep now..."

"You've not been yourself. What's happened?" he asks gently, slipping inside the door.

With a sigh, she searches for the right way to Not Lie but Not Tell Inconvenient Details. "I'm... just worried about everythin', I guess." She lets herself drop back down. "just don't know what t'do anymore... Anytime I start feelin' like I can trust somethin', it just gets taken away. 'slike I got nothin' left. Y- you're the only person left I can trust... and..." She retreats into the folds of the blanket.


"I ain't nothin' anymore!" she sobs, the thin wall of control cracking, "I got no family, nobody... no house, not that I can live in... Can't even do anything now." Her eyes, red and wild, peer up desperately. "If God just made me to get rid of Dracula, why won't He let me rest now?! Why'm I still here? I can't help a town that don't think me any better'n the demons I fight... ain't no demons left, anyway, that need fightin'."

The fight drains from her body. "I got no reason to be. Shoulda just died in the castle."

There's silence for a while. Then, looking out at the swelling winter moon, the priest speaks. "It could be... that there's something God means us to do, beyond what we know. His hand is in everything, after all- the times of famine as well as the times of plenty."

"...why's He gotta throw all this at me? What's I do, that I deserve so much punishment?"

"Punishment... it doesn't happen in this world. The time of judgement isn't upon us. This life is a test- of our strength and faith. Our Saviour... the blessed martyrs... they were pure, holy spirits, yet they endured torments and sorrow undeserved by any man." He breathes deeply. "We can't begin to understand the paths Our Lord sets before us. There is always a reason... but rarely is it clear to mortal eyes."

She turns away from him, curling herself tighter. "Don't make it feel any better."

"Only faith can do that," he replies softly. "Though... I'll prepare a draught for you. It'll at least let you sleep."

She lies in silence as he leaves the room.

"would that you'd mess it up... maybe I could go to sleep and never wake up again..."
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2005-11-06 11:55 pm

Welcome home. Wherever home is...

Part of her is mildly disappointed that the village is still intact, because, y'know, she'd feel a bit more important (if horrendously guilty) if her presence was all that stood between Jova and destruction. She also might get a little more mileage out of the "Woe is Me" thing, although that's usually only fun if you have someone to give you sympathy.

But no, it's about the same as she left it. Sonia sighs, leaning back against the rocky wall of the cliff. She's not even sure she can make it to her house to stay the night, with what happened last time. She definitely isn't going to try the church- that'd just be suicide. If she could maybe manage a supply run, she might be able to sleep in a cave or something and not freeze to death.

"be nice t'know where y'want me, Lord," she mutters, "can't take much more o' this bein' kicked around."

The crunch of dry leaves and twigs answers her. She spins to face the intrusion on her apostrophe, stumbling as the weight on her front keeps going after she'd intended to stop.

"Sonia?" The intruder steps forward, the thin gold of the afternoon sun catching ragged robes.

"Father Martin..." She throws her arms around his neck, sobbing.
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2005-10-25 11:29 pm

(no subject)

Clearly, a week free from major encounters with the other villagers is just too much for the universe to take. A quick run to her house for supplies ends with Sonia nearly running into a clutch of girls, making their way back from their own supply run for laurels in the forest. She ducks around, head low to avoid the glares, but one girl, courage stirred by an armful of the protective flower, calls out.

"Where you been, witch? What you up to?"

The hunter answers without turning, holding up a string of garlic. "Well, Thialda, I been gettin' stuff from home. Not like it's your concern or anythin'."

"Of course it's my concern!" Thialda snaps, stepping forward, "I don't want to go home and find my baby brother cursed or changed for an imp. Witches like the taste of babies, don't they?"

"I'd like to meet the kinda witch that could live in a church," is the reply, through gritted teeth. (Idly, she muses that she likely has met that kind of witch, but nowhere in Transylvania.)

Not that you brainless cows even think about that... Way you be sleepin' during Mass.

"Maybe the kind that'd drive the priest away..."

Sonia stops short, half-turning. "Father Martin went down t' Veros for a while. He'll be back," she growls, "'Sides... he wouldn't run from anything."

"Even a witch with the Devil's child?"

She fully turns now, face red with horrified ire. "Say WHAT?!" One arm immediately drops to wrap around her swelling belly.

Thialda's smug grin and casual hand-on-hip contraposto combine to raise the rage level a few more notches. "Well, it ain't nobody here's, is it?" she trills, "and what kinda man would wanna get that close to a witch?" Sonia just stares.

"Olga saw her with a demon a while back," one of the gaggle volunteers.

Olga herself shrinks behind the wall of her compatriots, gripping her laurels. "He had blue skin..." she squeaks, "Din't dress normal- real fine stuff. Noble stuff."

As Sonia tries to breathe normally, Thialda's smile takes on all the warm tenderness of a cat with a sparrow in its grip. "Is that so... Dark Masses, then, Belmont? Wouldn't Father Martin be disappointed?"

"You shut your mouth, trollop!" Sonia spits, stalking forward, "I ain't done none of that!" The group takes an immediate step backwards; Angry witches aren't good to have nearby.

Thialda, heady with victory, stands her ground, though her armful of laurels raises a few inches. "Or maybe..." She glances toward the steeple, piercing the treeline. "Maybe it's one of the villagers after all. Maybe you been enchanting God's own servants..."

Any further speculation on Sonia's love life are cut off by a blur of right hook.

The hunter stares at the stunned village girl in a moment of eternity, eyes wide and chest tight. Her gaze snaps up to the other girls, who shriek and stumble backwards, and then to the side.

Trees. Shadows. Shelter.

Before the girls' cries fade into the air, Sonia's escaped into the untamed tangle of the forest.
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2005-10-14 07:59 pm

Oboy, churchsitting!

"You're leaving?!" Sonia shakes her head in disbelief.

Father Martin places a hand on her shoulder. "It's only a while. The priest in Veros is gone now, and they need my help. If I don't go..."

She scowls at the ground. "The monks..."

"You know they can't leave here for that. I promise you, everything will be fine. It's in God's hands, after all."

Arms crossed, she turns her gaze to the window. "Well, y'know where t'find me if I get kicked out of here," she mutters.

"Sonia... have faith," he says seriously, turning her face back to his. "God has seen you safe this far. Nothing will happen that isn't necessary."

Silent, she steps backwards, eyes on the floor. "Take some garlic and laurels, okay? It's got quieter out here, but... I can't be everywhere." Her head snaps up again. "Wait- I'll go, too. I can-"

He cuts her off with one hand. "Your place is here, Sonia. I walk under God's protection, but this town... The fiend was strongest here. Your place is in Jova, guarding the flock." With a smile, he adds, "I'll make sure to pack enough to protect myself."

She watches him walk away toward his room. One hand rises to reach after his shrinking figure.

"God keep you, Father," she murmurs, turning away, "Hope He'll keep me, too... With you gone."
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2005-07-16 11:32 pm


The cathedral bells echo across the forest, calling all the villagers to worship. Inside, the congregation adds to the clamor with the hushed buzz of gossip. It's not an unusual scene, until the Belmont Girl appears. The buzz grows stingers, slashing at her as she silently walks into the sanctuary, even as the other villagers ease backwards, leaving a bubble of space around her.

Face determinedly neutral, she marches through the gauntlet, taking her accustomed place to observe the Mass.

The priest appears, and order gradually settles over the crowd. From the procession to the kyries to the offering to the sermon, there is no sound but that of the Litany.

Closing her eyes, Sonia breathes and enjoys the presence of God's people, trying to forget the circle of nobody around her. The one pleasure she has left in this world- to hear God's word, to feel at one with His creation- not even Dracula could take from her.

The bread and the cup are brought. The Belmont Girl stands at the back of the line to partake Communion; nobody wants to drink after a witch.

"The body of Christ, given for you."

She places the slip of unleavened bread on her tongue, blinking out of her reverence- have they changed it? It feels... different.

"The blood of Christ, shed for you."

The cup is brought to her lips, and the lukewarm liquid flows. Not lukewarm...



Wine never tasted like this.

She looks down, then up again in horror at her reflection.

A collective cry shreds the silence as she drops to the floor, retching and coughing, face contorted in horror.

The liquid on the stone floor is much thicker than wine.

Oblivious to the renewed buzzing, Sonia breathes, staring down.

Her face slowly lifts, and she raises a shaking hand toward the priest.

"Father..." She coughs again, forcing herself to straighten up. He stares at her, at the red stain, abhorrence plain on his face. His hand flashes the sign of the cross.

"Father," she repeats desperately, "Let me have it again! Let me be cleansed!"

Shaking, the man holds the cup at arms' length, its bounty perilously close to sloshing over the edge.

With a breath, she tilts it into her mouth again, quickly swallowing and crossing herself, forcing her tongue not to register any taste.

Conscious of the myriad eyes on her, she returns to her place and kneels, bowing her head. Drops of water join the minute drops of blood on her dress.

Holy Father... I don't understand... What just happened?
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2005-07-10 12:12 pm
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2005-07-01 10:55 pm

The End

The giant bat fell from the sky, returning to its original shape of a giant man. Fury and stupefaction fought for dominance on his features.

"No! This cannot be!" he cried, shaking with the effort of clinging to life- or the pale imitation he held, "I lost to a mere human?!"

The young woman held her whip at the ready in case the demon had some new shape in store. She wasn't sure she had the vigor for another bout with the monster- two had already nearly drained her- but she sure wasn't backing down now.

She risked a step closer, and a grim smile tugged at her lips. Yes, the prince of darkness was truly fading.

"Poor man," she said, "Gotta be hard for you, with your eternal life, t' get that you're about to die." Again, she added to herself with a dry chuckle. "We humans get so little life compared to you, but at least we use what we got to love and live for someone else."

The memory of another struggle that night wrapped itself around her: The sight of the demon's son- the man she loved- falling beneath her blows. His proud and sad face. His farewell. He'd passed his quest to destroy his father on to her at that moment.

His father.

She turned her gaze back to the demon, a slight softness to the gaze. He'd been a human, once... And, if Alucard was any proof, he'd kept some of that.

"There must've been a time when you loved, too. But then you threw all that away fer power, like the fool you are," she added, remembering who it was she'd faced. "Ain't no place in this world for the likes of you. You lost the day you turned to darkness- just took me to knock you down."

The demon bowed his head, quiet sounds issuing from his throat. She leaned close- sobs?

Suddenly, he threw his head back in peals of horrible laughter. The girl sprang backwards.

"Don't let it go to your head, girl," he sneered, "Do you really think that the likes of you can destroy me? You're a fool, just as Alucard was." He pulled himself up, standing at his full height, his regal bearing betraying nary a tremor, despite his battered form.

"Listen to me," he continued, "Darkness will never die out as long as there is light in the world. I am the Prince of Darkness, and I will rise again and again, as long as people like you are alive. Again and again, I tell you." And again, the mocking laughter echoed through the night.

The vampire hunter gritted her teeth and took a breath.

"And when you do, someone'll be here to knock you down! If it's me, you can be damn sure I'll be waitin' for you. I'll be glad to use what God gave me against your kind, 'til your soul is saved and all the bad feelings in the world are gone."

His cackling took on a ragged edge. She could see he wasn't long for this world.

"Good bye, Dracula, ruler of evil," she said, turning. The room began to shake, mortar and stones rumbling and loosening. She dashed to one of the massive windows, springing through with an acrobatic leap. She took off running as soon as she'd landed, masonry and timbers pelting the ground around her.

From a safer distance, she turned and watched the demon's massive castle crumble. Dust you are, she thought, and to dust you'll return.

"Good bye, o woeful Prince of Darkness."

With a sigh as heavy as the stones of Dracula's castle, she turned away. She had a long walk back to the village.